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Our partners Re:wild and Humane Society International are both organizations that have strong actions targeting the problems at the root to truly transform our relationship with Life

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Re:wild protects and restores the wild

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HSI is a leading force for animal protection and promote animal welfare globally.


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Reconnecting with planet Earth

Biodiversity is a matter of survival for humanity. Plants, mamals, birds, fishes, insects and other living beings are essential for human life. We are part of a global ecosystem. We depend on each other. Yet one million animal and vegetal species are now threatened to disappear.

Billions of animals are treated as commodities and enduring horrific living conditions, and it’s non-sense. Treating animals as ressources has disastrous consequences on the environnement - livestock factory farming alone contributes to 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

1 Million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction
15% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by livestock factory farming
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